広島アンデルセン Hiroshima Andersen 旧帝国銀行 広島支店 広島市中区本通 2016年2月2日

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Photos: 広島アンデルセン Hiroshima Andersen 旧帝国銀行 広島支店 広島市中区本通 2016年2月2日

Photos: 広島アンデルセン Hiroshima Andersen 広島市中区本通 2016年2月2日 Photos: 平田屋川 銘板 広島市中区本通 スターバックスコーヒー広島本通り店前



Hiroshima Andersen 7-1 Hondri, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
name at time of bombing : mperial Bank Hiroshima Branch
distance from hypocenter : 360m
Mitsui Bank was launched as Japan's first private bank in July 1876 and the Hiroshima branch was established at 1 Ote-machi. This was the first bank established in Hiroshima. It merged with the Daiichi Bank in Apr. 1943 to form the Imperial Bank Hiroshima Branch.

At the time the atomic bomb was dropped, there were six night clerks and approx. 12 or 13 female clerks on duty, but no survivors were confirmed. There was considerable damage to the building with the roof and ceiling sections being mostly destroyed. Despite the unprecedented amount of fire from the atomic bomb, the upper part of the bank vault room and other areas constructed of reinforced concrete avoided destruction, and the large bank vault withstood the blast and all cash and bank records were preserved.

After the bombing, temporary bank operations were begun in the building of the Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch. In Oct. 1948 the bank split with Daiichi Bank, and the Imperial Bank Hiroshima Branch then established a temporary office in the former Harimaya-machi. In May 1950, reconstruction was completed and the bank returned to its original location. At one time, there were discussions about whether to preserve the Industrial Promotion Hall (current Atomic Bomb Dome) or the remains of the Imperial Bank as a symbol of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. In Jan. 1954, the name of the bank reverted back to Mitsui Bank, and in July 1962 a new bank building was built in Kamiya-cho. In Apr. 1967, the Takaki Bakery acquired the building and it was renovated as Andersen Hiroshima. Rather than being a representative of the destruction caused by the atomic bomb, the building has been transformed with the times and has been preserved while still being put to use.

西国街道 銘板 真鍋御門

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