広島陸軍被服支廠 出汐倉庫 広島市南区西旭町4 - 出汐2丁目

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Photos: 広島陸軍被服支廠 出汐倉庫 広島市南区西旭町4 - 出汐2丁目

Photos: 比治山橋 道標 1921年 広島市南区比治山本町 比治山橋 河岸緑地 Photos: 広島陸軍被服支廠 出汐倉庫 広島市南区西旭町 - 出汐2丁目

広島陸軍被服支廠 日本通運出汐倉庫
皆実町 - 出汐
出汐 - 西旭町


旧日本通運出汐倉庫 1~4号棟 広島市南区出汐2丁目4-60
Buildings No.1-4 of Former Nippon Express Deshio Warehouse
name at time of bombing Hiroshima Army Clothes Depot
2-4-60 Deshio, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi (distance from hypocenter 2,670 m)

The clothes depot was a facility for production, repair, storage and supply of military clothes, shoes, and hats and other small items and accessories used by soldiers. A number of large-scale manufacturing and repair factories and a group of storage and supply warehouses were located here along the Ujina Line. The four large, brick-constructed buildings, each having a length of 94 m and a height of 17 m, were completed in 1913 and their alignment forms an L-shaped bend at the south end.

The blast wind of the atomic bomb did major damage to the roof of the buildings, but none of them caught fire. Immediately after the bombing, the buildings were made into a temporary aid station and large number of survivors evacuated to the buildings with many of them eventually dying at this location.

From 1946, the Hiroshima Teacher's College and Hiroshima First Prefectural Girls' High School restored a portion of the buildings and began using them. Until 1995, the four warehouse buildings were used by Nippon Express as warehouses and were also used by Hiroshima University as dorms.


お好み焼き ひらの 広島市南区皆実町4丁目24-12
セブン-イレブン皆実町4丁目店 広島市南区皆実町4丁目24-20

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